Sewing boxes

Sewing Boxes with synergy


Field of view




Lisbet Thorøe Larsen had these four assemblages - four sewing boxes - shown at the censured exhibition at Kunstpunkt Augustenborg, 2018.

About the assemblages, she says:


- I had some old delicate sheets of cutting patterns with texts, from which I started my process.

In the bottom of each box, I layered, first a sheet of wood on which my daughter once had painted and upon this I glued the transparent patternsheets.

I let some of the text be visible, so that they formed a theme for each of the sewing boxes, that were lined by roadmaps, seamaps and different textiles.

- The four sewing boxes have the titles: Symbiosis, Field of View, (In)visible and Synergy and they tell the story about ancestery, about my paternal grandmother and about parenthood, our hopes and dreams for our children, which we can only provide for, but never spare against lifes atrosities, says Lisbet Thorøe Larsen.

In the box Symbiosis, we see elements, that symbolises an umbilical cord. In The Field of View there is a maritime element and a challenge to take the long view. Is the existence on right course?

In (In)Visible we see a big safety pin on a fragile piece of thread and the photograpf of children on the solid grain of fabric, that is mentioned on the sewingpattern. The bladder wrack suggests that the young outgrowths are at once strong and fragile and that they grow into their own.

- In Synergy there is a photograph of my paternal grandmother together with friends in the garden.

She has a magical garden with secret pathways, big bushes, a vegetable garden and an ornamental garden.

-I have inherited the joy of cultivating my garden from her.

Here you find a lot more, than the tomatoes you pick. You get the fresh air, find your footing and think things through. I have also tried to pass on this joy though this piece of artwork. 

Thats how the pieses are created by Lisbet Thorøe Larsen, where the bubbeling creativity is the driving force. There is a lot more on the way and it shall be interesting to follow her journey with assemblage.


By Inge Schjødt,