The Process

The Process

Materials can put something in motion - something comes to, reaches out, points up, points down, points inwards ...

- I love to start a new, to seek another path, and to see a theme grow ...

- I love to feel, and get to another place myself ... Breathe ... Use my Senses ... Feel my way ...

The awareness takes place during the process. 

... creating in a book.
Runes on an old bicycle brake part.
'Original' materials:
Skin, wax, soot, bone, etc.
a new body in wool and flax.
Trying out fur for hair on the head of the doll.
Krenoline ...?
a handsewn crow suit
Crow skull and a porcelain head from a souvenir doll.

The process preoccupies me ... and takes time.

Over two years, I have worked to give each generation from the saga pf "Vølsungerne" form and expression.

Below is the fourth generation: Vølsung. A work on its way to completion.

 "Vølsungerne", a danish saga from the book "Nordiske Guder og helte" was the inspiration for my artwork

Here you can watch a movie showing the process of the art piece

 Odins son; Sige

and the slave; Skade

Sige´s son; Rerer and the giant woman; Ljod